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Photocopier in Karachi

Paragon Copier Solution is the leading Photocopier Trader in Karachi. If you are looking for reliable and advanced Photocopier in Karachi then PCS is the best also option for you. Paragon is known as the best Photocopier Supplier in Pakistan for its exceptional quality Photocopier Machines and outstanding services.

Photocopier in Karachi

PCS has a wide range of products which can be divided into many sub-categories like Desktop Photocopier Machines, Black & White or Color Photocopier Machines, Small size to Mid-range Photocopier machines, mid-size to large-size photocopier machines, Analog Photocopier Machines and Digital Photocopier Machines. Furthermore, analog Photocopier machines become obsolete over the period of time. In fact, Multi-functional Digital Photocopier Machines took the place of analog photocopier machines just like Laser Printers took the place of Ink-Jet Printers.

We at Paragon, strive to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Above all, being the best Photocopier Supplier of Photocopier Machines, we assume our responsibility to guide our customers to choose what is best for them. In addition, we find our success in customer’s satisfaction. Paragon deals in the following brands of Photocopier Machines:



Konica Minolta



Photocopy machine on rent in Karachi

Get photocopy machine on rent in Karachi and give your precious time and energy on the core areas of your business. We will maintain Photostat Machine in good running condition. Furthermore, we will not charge any amount for the replacement of parts, toner and other consumables. you need to just pay on per copy basis.Moreover, we have the variety of Copiers of various brands imported from USA and Europe to fit your copier needs.

photocopier on rent in Karachi

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Copier Rentals in Karachi

Copier Rentals In Karachi

Paragon Copier Solution is a Photocopier Rental Company which provides Copier rentals in Karachi or Copier Machine on Rent In Karachi on the monthly rental basis. Rentals include service, toners, all consumables, and parts.


Why Rent a Photocopier?

Copier Rentals make perfect sense when you need a photocopy machine on rent in Karachi for corporate events, company marketing projects, year-end financial reports, temporary offices, convention services, and special projects! Our Copier Rentals in Karachi are available for rent for a day, a week, the month or even longer.

The best part about rent a copy machine is that you get rid of multi-vendor hassles. You need not depend on various service providers to serve different needs and consequently maintain separate invoices. A rental service generates a monthly invoice from a single window system.

Remember renting copiers is the most flexible way to increase employee productivity during peak work loads or corporate projects. A Copier Rental saves money because it can reduce capital expenditures when they are not absolutely necessary.

Copier Machines are delivered by our experienced technicians right to your trade show, conference center, office or event location with local delivery. Our technicians ensure smooth running of Photocopier Machine and install Printer and scanner in each computer.

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Photocopy machine on rent in Karachi

If you need a copy machine, but your budget can’t make room to purchase one, or you are dissatisfied with the performance of your present copier. So get photocopy machine on rent in Karachi. We have the variety of Copiers of different brands (KYOCERA, RICOH, KONICA MINOLTA and PANASONIC) all in top class condition imported from USA and Europe to fit your copier needs. We will service it and supply the parts and toner all without any extra charges.get-copier-on-per-copy-cost-in-karachi

Photocopy machine on rent in Karachi

Paragon offers flexible and affordable copier on monthly rent basis for many different applications. Whether you need it for four days or four years, we can work with your needs. You pay month-to-month for as long as you need it. This gives you totally flexibility over photocopier machines. If you would like to upgrade copier, renting you copier gives you the complete ease and relaxation to help your business grow and flourish without worry.


Monthly Photocopier Rental Rate

Contact our sale representative for photocopy machine monthly rent.

Contract Period

You can always change or cancel your program, However, we are certain that convenience and low price will make you keep the service.

As your business requirements change, we are happy to upgrade or downgrade your equipment if the need arises.

Photocopier machine on rent in Karachi

Photocopierinkarachi.comis a photocopier rental distributor company which provides photocopy machine on rent in Karachi. It is managed by Paragon Copier Solution(PCS) which is the leading photocopier supplier in Pakistan and known for its best quality photocopier machines and reliable photocopier rental services. PCS is the importer of photocopier machines which puts its efforts, time and money to import best quality photocopier machines. We ensure physical presence and inspection before putting the photocopier machinesin import procedure.

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Photocopier supplier in Karachi

Supplier-of-Refurbished-Photocopier-in-KarachiParagon Copier Solution (PCS), who is the leading Photocopier Supplier in Karachi. PCS imports new and refurbished photocopier machines in Karachi. PCS imports selected, tested and best quality photocopier machines from USA, Canada, and Europe. Moreover, we ensure customer satisfaction by providing advanced and improved photocopier machines and services at justifiable prices.

We are the wholesaler and retail supplier of digital photocopiers including desktop size to mid-range size photocopiers, either new or refurbished in the whole country as per client requirements. In addition, PCS also deals in photocopier parts including the toner at reasonable prices.


To become a world leader in office automation products.


Paragon Copier Solution (PCS) is striving every day to take office automation products (mainly Photocopier machines, Printers and Scanners) at the top possible position. Furthermore, we deliver best photocopier services at reasonable prices.

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Photocopier Supplier in Karachi