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Kyocera Copier Rental in Karachi KM 3060

Kyocera Copier Rental in Karachi KM 3060 is now available at Paragon Copier Solution .Now, It’s easy to get used to not having to wait. With new Kyocera technology that processes multiple
jobs simultaneously. You can safely predict that no one in the office will be on standby. While one
person is printing from one corner of the office, another can be scanning. Meanwhile, if someone
in another area of the office decides to print, their job is ready to go the moment the first print
job is finished.

Kyocera Copier Rental in Karachi KM 3060

With Kyocera, reliability is equally important as productivity. Long-life components and
exceptionally hard-wearing Kyocera drums make it easy to predict that these multifunctionals will
work hard to maximise working hours (theirs, not yours). Furthermore, Less downtime is something everyone in
the entire workgroup can get. At least until it’s time to go home.

Photocopier Trader In Karachi

Paragon is the leading photocopier trader in Karachi. Paragon is the supplier of high quality refurbished Multifunctional Photocopiers in Karachi. The Multifunctional Photocopier (MFP’s) has features of printer, scanner and fax. In addition, Paragon also provides after sales service and Annual Photocopier Maintenance contract to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Paragon Copier Solution (PCS) is one of the Best Photocopier Supplier in Karachi-Pakistan. PCS provide best quality refurbished photocopiers in Karachi with reliable services in reasonable prices. The company has established to be a leading supplier of photocopiers machine in Karachi mainly imported from Canada, USA & Europe.

We provide photocopier machinePhotocopier machines parts, and products including photocopier toner in wholesale price and photocopier repair and services. We just not only offer unbeatable Photocopier machine price in Pakistan but also provide valuable guidance and proper training to give full advantage of our copier machine to our valuable customers.

Photocopier Toner & Parts

Paragon deals in new and high quality refurbished parts and toner. Paragon is the supplier of Photocopier toner & Parts. We provide best photocopier machines, original parts and toner and timely reliable services. In fact, these qualities make Paragon Copier Solution the best Photocopier and Parts dealer in Karachi.

You can find more Kyocera models by clicking below link:

Kyocera Models

Ricoh Aficio Photocopier in Karachi MP 3352

Ricoh Aficio Photocopier in Karachi MP 3352 is the best photocopier machine for medium to large office requirement. It has printing speed of 33 Copies per Minute (CPM). It comes with a colour scanner. Ricoh claims the MP 3352 has the smallest footprint of any A3 MFP (in its range).

Ricoh Aficio Photocopier in Karachi MP 3352

The versatile Ricoh Aficio MP 3352 is a black and white laser multi functional copier with the options of adding copying, scanning and fax capabilities. Moreover, the MP 3352 distributes prints in as little as 4.5 seconds at 33 pages-per-minute. Ricoh claims the MP 3352 has the smallest footprint of any A3 MFP (in its range). Furthermore, with a smaller-than-ever footprint, the MP 3352 easily integrates into compact office environments.

Ricoh Aficio MP 3352

The MP 3352 optional internal finishing is capable of auto duplexing, collating and stapling sets. Standard paper drawers easily accommodates Paper sizes up to 11″ x 17″. The 100-sheet bypass tray will process envelopes, label, and heavier paper stock. In addition, you can customize paper handling need in Ricoh Aficio MP 3352 according to business’s specific needs.

The Ricoh AFICIO MP 3352 can generate up to 100,000 impressions per month. The MP 3352 black toner (Ricoh 841337) yield is estimated at 11,000 pages with 5 percent page coverage.

Paragon is the wholesaler and retailer of Photocopier machines. Moreover, we also provide photocopier rental facility. Our client needs to pay only for the copies, copied and printed. In fact, we do not charge except for the agreed per copy cost charges.

In addition, Paragon also offers Bulk Printing Services including bank statement printing services to banking sectors. Moreover, Paragon provide in-house and off-site printing services. In fact, We have done many projects of bulk printing services, including printing of bank statement, statement of accounts, notes, brochures and annual reports.

Paragon also deals in Photocopier parts and toners of Photocopier machines. We also provide repair and maintenance servicesof Photocopier machines.