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Tag: 'Kyocera Photocopier in Karachi KM 2560'

Kyocera Photocopier in Karachi KM 2560

The Kyocera Photocopier in Karachi KM 2560 multi functional easily handles the various projects of a networked work group or tightly knit department by allowing simultaneous processing of multiple jobs. Moreover, universal design features give everyone in the work group equal access to productivity-enhancing technology, regardless of their strength or physical ability.

Kyocera Photocopier in Karachi KM 2560

A lot of thinking has gone into the inside of a Kyocera multi functional, but what about the outside? On the KM-2560 there’s been equal attention paid to the interface between user and machine as there has to the technology inside. Furthermore, These design features give everyone in the workgroup equal access, regardless of their strength or physical ability, and all contribute to better workflow in small but significant ways.

  • Simultaneous multi-tasking and multi-sending
  • 80 GB HDD
  • 512 MB memory standard, upgradeable to 1 GB
  • 25 pages per minute monochrome printing/copying
  • Long-life components for outstanding reliability

It’s easy to get used to not having to wait. In addition, with new Kyocera technology that processes multiple jobs simultaneously. You can safely predict that no one in the office will be on standby. While one person is printing from one corner of the office, another can be scanning.

In addition, simultaneous processing jobs over the network, there is occasionally the need for non-network printing, perhaps to meet the requirements of guests in the office who aren’t on the network. Moreover, The KM-2560 offer PDF direct printing from USB memory sticks with no need for a PC. Furthermore, it’s often the case that direct printing is simply more convenient, especially for spontaneous print jobs. Just step right up and print.

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